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How our free online dating services are different
Online dating sites have been around for years now and they all seem to offer the same kinds of services. like: communication, profiles, games. Depending on the dating site you are on the types of services are going to be different. No Gimmick Dating is coming to the online dating scene with a whole new approach to the scene. After being subject to the trickery and gimmicks most dating sites use to get you to sign up and pay for services the CEO of No Gimmick dating has decided to make a simple easy online dating site. This site is not only easy to use but has a simple payment plan with no hidden fees.

The History of Online Dating
The first dating websites appear to have surfaced around 1994 and 1995. These dating sites only loosely resembled the current dating sites you see today. They actually have more in common with mail order brides, which has also evolved into its own online services. From 1994 – 1996 the market quickly grew from just 2 sites ( and to over 16 other site offering similar services. ┬áThen in 1998 the Movie “You’ve Got Mail” sent the online dating industry into massive explosion of users.

During this transition online dating evolved into the sites you see today. Today there is everything from free online dating sites to dating for millionaires. Online dating is now the second highest online subscription based service with the industry grossing over $500 Million each year. Currently there are hundreds of dating sites popping up every year but the top site to date is still Now there is a dating site for almost every kind and type of life style you can think of. If you have a specific preference then there is a site for you.

The online dating industry is here to stay with more than half the relationships in america starting by meeting online it has become a way of life and a social norm to meet online. But the web world is quickly evolving and rapidly changing with  the advent of smart phones and tablet devices the dating websites will need to take a good hard look at how users are using the internet and their mobile devices and evolve with the times or get left in the dust.

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